The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia recognized the Chuvash State University as an effective university in all the main indicators of 2020

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation has summed up the results of the next annual monitoring of the effectiveness of educational institutions of higher education. According to the results of activities in 2020, the Chuvash State University named after IN Ulyanov was recognized as an effective university for the ninth year in a row. 

The positions of 1218 educational institutions of higher education in Russia were assessed according to the main indicators: “Educational activity”, “Research activity”, “International activity”, “Financial and economic activity”, “Additional indicator”. By all criteria, Chuvash State University showed results higher than the previous year. For five indicators out of six, ChuvSU results are higher than the average indicators of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation, for all six indicators – higher than the median values ​​of universities in the region.

Activities of the Alatyr branch of the Chuvash State University named after IN Ulyanov is also recognized as effective.

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