Karaganda State Medical University

Karaganda State Medical University

Located in Karagandy, the university is rated to be situated in one of the most settled cities of Kazakhstan. The university laid its foundation in 1960 and is among the oldest university in Kazakhstan. It is the leading university of Kazakhstan that trains students into qualified personnel for the healthcare system. The university has implemented multi-level training of specialists – Bachelors’ program, Masters Program, PhD, and additional education. The university has enrolled over 8000 learners in different streams and at different levels from various parts of the world. The university is quite famous and the name is internationally recognized as well. The qualified faculty is no less in teaching as well as offering assistance to the students whenever and wherever required to solve their problems related to the subjects.

The university is situated in Karagandy which is one of the most famous cities in Kazakhstan. In fact, the establishment of the university and no. of student enrolment in this university makes it a famous city in Kazakhstan. It is the 4th most populous city of the region and also the capital city of Karaganda. The city was initially named Qaraghandy. Qaraghandy had Cargan bushes in abundance; hence the city got its name. This city has a booming and flourishing economy as there are local coal mines here that are well in the business for sure.


The region of Karaganda is basically a cold zone. The summers are long and dry while winters are snowy, windy and mostly cloudy as well as for a long duration. May to September is the warm months. Winters start from September until the later march. April to October are the rainy months. The annual average rainfall is 310mm. Summers are hot & the recorded temperature was 40.2 °C in the year 12002 while that in winter was -42.9°C in the year 1938.

Travelling to Karakandgy:

The International airport named as Sary-Arka airport in the Karagandy regions is home to the domestic & international flights. Though there are not much of the International flight’s landings & take-offs but then again, when travelling to Karakandgy people can easily get flights connectivity to and from Almaty and Astana. There is a local railway station that has routine trains scheduled daily and people can definitely make the best use of this.

Fee Structure

Head 1st Year 2nd Year to 5th Year
    Tuition Fee 4200 USD 4200 USD
   Hostel Fee 600 USD 600 USD
   Insurance 200 USD 200 USD
   Visa 300 USD 300 USD
    Application, Visa invitation, Documentation translation & Attestation,
Airport assistance in Kazakhstan
800 USD N/A
   Yearly Total 6100 USD 21200 USD