Karakol International Medical University – Kyrgyzstan

Karakol International Medical University is a place where every student matters, where career is planned with care, where solutions are derived with sanity and a place where every student finds equal opportunity to maximise his/her growth and goals. The Academic system of KIMU is not only focoused on education but it also enhances the ethical and moral values in the life of the students. KIMU meas to produce a practical human being who is adopt in professional skills and enriched with human values. The management of KIMU will burn the mid night oils for a successful career of the students.

Karakol International Medical University is one of the best university in Kyrgyzstan joining KIMU may be just the thing to help you fullfill your career dreams. The KIMU welcome international students from all around the world. KIMU is a modren institution of higher education with rich traditions, if you are going to make a responsible choice then KIMU is ready to suggest you a training upto the world standerd. If you want to obtain the high-quality education in one of the best universities of kyrgyz republic, karakol International Medical University is the right option for you! The number of foreign students who wish to pursue higher education in karakol International Medical University is increasing every day. This is not surprising, as Karakol International Medical University offers excellent opportunities for receiving academic degree in the desired specialty.Karakol International Medical University was rated excellent by Quality by students parents and experts, and received full marks in that survey.

So here are some reasons why to choose Karakol International Medical University?

  • English medium of instructions for the whole duration of study.
  • Easy Admission with No Entry Test.
  • IELTS, TOEFL or any other language exams are not required.
  • All the students are assigned in a student group of 15-20 people per class for better individual attention.
  • Good life standard with a lower cost of living, studying and travelling.
  • Affordable education and living cost.
  • Students are guided throughout the admission process and get help on each step of it.
  • Personal attention to each student, 100% attendance. Study groups are small and consist of only 15-20 students, so teachers have time to communicate with each student during the class period.Carrier counseling and future planning.
  • Karakol International Medical University degree holders will be in high demand by international companies, they usually will get good job offers in different countries very easily.
  • A communication with a lot of students from different countries (over 150 international students arrive to Karakol International Medical University to study General Medicine each year).
  • A thriving academic community where students can learn from experts and gain all the necessary qualifications.
  • An all-round experience that students will remember forever.
  • Studying in a major international cultural and communication centre and one of the most beautiful and historical cities of the world.
  • An opportunity to learn in modernly well-equipped departments what can help students to acquire best of knowledge.
  • A chance to work in university clinic that contains almost all latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment as well as in others hospitals and clinics that are considered to be best in Issyk Kul Kyrgyz Republic.

What our rector Mr. Abdyldev Talaibek Adylbaevich

We believe that an individual learn better when he/she is a part of a tightly knit community. Our campus life creates the right chances to produce best doctors. We strongly believe that KIMU will play a significant role in medical health.
In Karakol International Medical university we provide quality of education and equal opportunities to all students regardless of class,colour,race , ethnicity and gender .We seek to provide excellent medical services to humanity by educating our young doctors to deliver their best medical services.We are trying best to assure our students that do what they can,with what they have and whatever is the situation.we must work together so that medical care come up with meaningful new ideas and creative approach.We always need someone that heals our near and dear ones.So become a healer, you must do something even more difficult than putting a white coat on.Be prepared to devote your professional energies to not only patients but also to whole society.