Osh state medical university

Osh State University was founded on 24 May 1951 as Osh State Pedagogical Institute. It achieved the status of the University on 17 June 1992. The city of Osh provides a unique setting for the urban campus of Osh State University. At the heart of this picturesque city lies the Osh State University administrative campus, with the remaining departments located throughout the city. Osh State University is the leading educational, cultural, and scientific center of southern Kyrgyzstan. The faculties of the University prepare specialists to respond to all the region’s needs. Osh State University sows the seeds of science and democracy that will bloom throughout the country.


Osh Pedagogical Institute (1939-1951)

In 1939, in the south of Kyrgyzstan in order to overcome the lack of teachers in schools and pedagogical training, the Institute for teachers in the city of Osh was opened. The Institute offered 2 years training program in History and Philology, Physics, Mathematics, and Natural sciences, Geography.

Osh State Pedagogical Institute (1951-1992)

On May 24, 1951, in accordance with the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR,   №511-193 / 1  June 26, 1951, Osh State Pedagogical Institute was established.

In the 1955-1956 academic year, the first batch of students graduated from departments of German, Russian, English language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Specialty Care.

In 1957 the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Kirghizia adopted a resolution” On improvement of the material base for Osh State Pedagogical Institute. On the basis of this resolution, in 1961, New campus was built.

The number of graduates increased year by year from Osh State Pedagogical Institute. In the 1970-1971 academic year, 269 Graduates, Number of PhDs had doubled to 112  from 16 ethnic nationalities.

At the end of the 1980s, the Institute’s faculty staff as 435, including 4 doctors of sciences, Professors, 136 Candidates of Science, Associate Professors and Senior lecturers, 295 Instructors.


Osh State University (1992 – Present)

To ensure the Socio-economic and cultural development in Southern Kyrgyzstan, On June 17, 1992, by the Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Osh State University was established on the basis of Osh State Pedagogical Institute. Mr. Bakyt Zholchubekovich Beshimov was appointed Rector of Osh State University and He worked in this position till 1998.

To ensure the rapid pace of development and the training of highly qualified specialists to meet the requirements of the labor market, New faculties and departments were established: History and Law (1992), the Kyrgyz and Uzbek Philology (1992), Medicine (1993), Theology (1993), Business and Management (1996).