Gamification in the Study of Anatomy – Siberian State Medical University

Anastasia Konyaeva, an assistant to the Anatomy Division of the Siberian State Medical University, presented the software project “Anatomical Puzzle” at the finals of the “UMNIK” program organized by the Innovation Promotion Foundation. The project received financial support from the Foundation. The project is focused on gamification technologies that have to be implemented in the study of human anatomy.

The project team consisted of several professors from the Human Anatomy Division with Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery Course, including the head of the Division. The mobile application includes a set of 3D images of human organs, which a student has to compare with each other in the correct anatomical sequence. Anatomical structures are marked with terminology in Russian, English and Latin languages for more efficient planning of the academic process.

“The project passed the first development stage: we tested the printed version in the classroom. Students had the opportunity to work with the module “Anatomy of the musculoskeletal system” during self-study. Students were asked to assemble a puzzle from images of human organs, printed on paper. Since the project provides for marking the puzzle components in several languages it was immediately tested in an international classroom. Image templates are always available so students can continue their self-development wherever they want.” said Anastasia Konyaeva.

The project is aimed at consolidating the knowledge acquired by students during practical training. Human Anatomy Division staff continue to develop visual material for software for other course modules.

 “Anatomy is one of the most conservative disciplines. Our students are lucky to be able to study this course in depth at the SibMed Anatomy Museum, learning the great collection of specimens. But, to consolidate the knowledge gained directly in the section hall, it is important to use modern educational technologies and it is exactly what we are currently doing. The technology proposed by the Human Anatomy Division team has been tested and has proven itself well. All this contributes to a deeper study of the key discipline for future doctors,” said Evgeny Kulikov, Acting Rector of SibMed.

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