Competition of professional skills in the college of Omsk State Medical University

On March 11-12, on the basis of the Multidisciplinary Accreditation and Simulation Center of Omsk State Medical University, the final tests of the professional skills competition in the specialties “Medicine” and “Nursing” were held. The winners of the first – theoretical – stage, which consisted of test tasks posted on the educational portal, reached the final.

Nine 3rd and 4th year students of the Omsk State Medical University college, specializing in General Medicine, competed in the “Medical Business”. Based on the results of competitive tests in solving problems on the topic “Infections of the XXI century” and practicing practical skills, the winners were: Diana Gaan (403 F) and Ulyana Dombrovskaya (306 F), the second place was shared by Daria Ignatova (302 F) and Madina Asenova (305 F) ), in third place – Tatyana Savochkina (405 F), Kristina Kazantseva (306 F), Yulia Zherebtsova (403 F), Ekaterina Yagmur (405 F). Natalya Bykovskaya (306 F) was nominated for “Best Theorist”, and Daria Ignatova (302 F) was named “Best Practitioner” – Ulyana Dombrovskaya (306 F).

In the competition “Young Professional – 2021” eleven graduates of the specialty “Nursing” of the Omsk State Medical University College competed in the practical skills of invasive and grooming manipulations. According to the results of all tests, the sisters Daria and Ulyana Pashchenko shared the first place, the second place was taken by Elena Krutashova and Anna Musikhina, the third places were taken by Daria Bessonova, Nadezhda Davydova, Victoria Zaporozhets and Ruslan Nurkashev. Kirill Nesterov became the “Best Theorist”, and Alma Dnischeva became the “Best Practitioner”, Elena Popova was awarded the nomination “For Professional Skills”.

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