Dear international students of  Asfendiyarov Kazakh national medical university!

Welcome to your alma-mater. I would like to express my sincere thank you for your devotion and choosing our university as a place to get your medical degree. Today we celebrate Kazkhstan’s People’s unity day. This holiday roots back to Soviet times, since then we congratulate each other on international agreement and understanding between the representatives of our diverse community. For several decades we celebrate our national unity.

It is one of our main national prides – agreement between all 150 nationalities living on Kazakhstan. We at KazNMU have a vibrant community of almost 2000 international students from 21 countries, including India, China, Afghanistan, Turkey,  Jordan, South Korea, Egypt, USA and many other countries. We are glad and happy to have you studying here in Almaty. We have a common mission – saving lives of patients whenever we can and wherever we are.

Former students of KazNMU currently compose a big and strong international community. They are successful in their respective countries and support each other with a gratitude to their alma-mater. Since 1991 over 20 000 international students have graduated from our university and they are currently work in the leading world hospitals in 30 countries, including such countries as India and Israel, known for their high level of medical care.

Our common values include peace and mutual understanding between representatives of different nations and cultures. We are aiming to build a diverse educational community. Overall we have 124 international partners, which includes leading medical universities. Our international alumni are always happy to hear about their place of study and to participate in our meetings, many of the miss the great times they had studying for medical degree in Almaty.

If you are first year student – you have just made a first step towards your future success. If you are already on your second year and later – you already know how fulfilling the process of learning about healthcare can be. As your  Rector, I highly support your aspirations on becoming top students and top professionals in your field. I sincerely believe that all of you are well on the way towards achieving great things and having great accomplishments, aimed towards making a world a better, safer and healthier place for us and future generations! We value academic development of our students and focus on creating excellent environment for successful learning.

I would like again to express my sincere gratitude to you, our students, our children for the coming years. You are becoming a part of our multinational family until you are here and even when you leave to go to chase great career achievements. You will always be welcome back! I would like to wish you go gain as much useful knowledge and connections while you are here with us and build meaningful memories, which would support and enlighten your life in the coming years! May Kazakhstan become your second home for the moment, a place, where you will find new friends and would always be happy to return!

On this sunny day, I wish the students of our blossoming university every success and new discoveries. Remember that one day you will be saving lives!

Sincerely,  Rector of KazNMU Talgat Nurgozhin

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