The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry hosted an intra-university Olympiad in Analytical Chemistry

In May 2021, the III intra-university Olympiad in analytical chemistry was held at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry with courses in analytical and toxicological chemistry. More than 30 2nd year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Belarusian State Medical University took part in the Olympiad.

The Olympiad was organized according to Order 187 dated 04/08/2021 and was held in two stages. At the first qualifying round, the participants of the Olympiad performed test tasks in all sections of the discipline “Analytical Chemistry”. The qualifying stage was held in a computer class using electronic educational resources. The first 10 participants with the highest number of points were admitted to the 2nd round.

During the second round, the participants of the Olympiad answered theoretical questions in analytical chemistry, solved situational tasks for the application of universal and general professional competencies, and substantiated the solutions given. The theoretical tour took place in writing.

The participants of the Olympiad showed a high level of theoretical knowledge, and also successfully demonstrated their application in solving situational problems.

According to the results of the Olympiad, the winner and prize-winners were determined: III place – Ototyuk Maria (F-201A), II place – Baisheva Adel (F-201B). Olga Panfilova (F-201A) became the winner of the Olympiad.

And about. Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Professor Elena Edmundovna Klen thanked the participants of the Olympiad and noted the importance of the Olympiad in developing the creative potential of students, increasing motivation for in-depth study of the discipline and improving the quality of education.


Congratulations to the students of the pharmaceutical faculty of the Bashkir State Medical University with an excellent performance at the intra-university Olympiad in analytical chemistry! We wish you further victories and professional success! 

Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry with courses in analytical and toxicological chemistry Yu.V. Shabalina

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