Kazan Medical University today is a multifunctional multi-level state higher medical educational institution, which sees its mission in providing high quality educational, scientific and clinical activities corresponding to the level of the best domestic and foreign medical schools, based on the development and implementation of innovative technologies, implementation of an effective model of social partnership between KSMU, society, health care system and the region, aimed at improving the health of the population and increasing its longevity.

  • KSMU is an open university: here every tenth student is a foreign citizen, every fourth student from the regions of Russia;
  • KSMU is a recognized leader in the country in the development and implementation of new educational technologies;
  • KSMU is the leading scientific schools of Russia, topical research, effective implementation;
  • KSMU is a center for the development of new medical, pharmaceutical and social technologies of the 21st century, integrated into the innovative sectors of the region, having experience in implementing targeted programs;
  • KSMU is a close-knit team of employees and students, in which conditions are created to meet the needs of the individual in educational, scientific, and creative activities.

KSMU today:

  • more than 6,000 students, residents, postgraduate students
  • 9 faculties
  • 60 departments
  • more than 1500 employees