Semey State Medical University is considered to be one of the best universities in Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1952. The university was initially named Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute. After more than four decades, the name of the university was changed to Semey State Medical University by the orders of the Health Services Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The very first batch of students got admission under the medicine faculty of SSMU in the year 1953. Gradually, other faculties were also started in the university. These faculties include pediatrics which began in 1963, stomatology faculty in 1991, Medico-prophylactical, pharmaceutical faculty, and General Medicine faulty was started in 2003. In the year 1984, SSMU started post-diploma education in Pavlodar city. Every year around 1000 doctors pursue their post-diploma education here.

Currently, there are more than 3500 students pursuing their medical education in General Medicine, pediatrics, Stomatology, pharmaceuticals, and medico-prophylactics. Semey State Medical University provides the best medical education using the best equipment and up-to-date technology. There are around 450 teachers in the university including 35 Doctors of Sciences, 1 academician, 168 PhDs, 3 Corresponding Member of the AMS RK, and 4 corresponding members of the ANS RK.

The university has many hospitals affiliated where the students can practice their internship and have some practical experience under the guidance of their mentors and doctors working there.


Semey Medical University

Fee Structure

  • Mbbs- 5 Years
   Fees 1st Year 2nd Year to 5th Year
   Tuition Fee 3400 USD

2,51,600 INR

3400 USD

2,51,600 INR

   Hostel Fee 600 USD

44,400 INR

600 USD

44,400 INR

  Insurance 100 USD

7,400 INR

100 USD

7,400 INR

  Visa Extension 300 USD

22,200 INR

200 USD

14,800 INR

    Doc Translation, Notarization, Invitation,

Airport Pickup etc. Accreditation

150 USD

11,100 INR